How To Create Gmail Account | Setup, Step By Step Guide

How To Create Gmail Account on Mobile and Laptop Complete Procedure is available here with Pictures. Every new and existing User on the internet needs To Create Gmail Account. I think it’s necessary for every user who used a Mobile or Laptop they must have a Google Account to Avail of different kinds of services offered by Google. If you are a new user and want to signup for a Gmail account follow these simple steps. To make this easy for you we provide all the detail step by step that how to signup, Personal Information, how to keep your Password secret and strong. How to Create New Folders and compose E-mail using mobile and Laptop.

How To Create New Gmail Account

I hope you will learn How To Signup New Gmail Account. These simple and easy steps will help you to create a new Gmail account and other options and services which Gmail is providing. These methods are for both iPhone and Android Mobile Phones.

1-Firs of All Go to or if you are on Android or Phone use Gmail App which was already installed on Mobile phones.

How To Create Gmail Account

Signup Gmail Account

2- Click on the Signup Button and a form will appear where you have to submit your personal information, Like First and Second name, a user name which you want, if the username is not available try again and again, in another case Google will also suggest random user names, which you can choose but you can also select manually. After that confirm your Password and click on the Next button.

How To Create Gmail Account

Enter Phone Number

3-Next Step is to enter the mobile number and click the next button.

How To Create Gmail Account

Verify Phone Number

4- Enter the verification code and click on the Verify Button. after that, a verification code will appear on your mobile screen, So enter the Verification code and after that, your mobile number will be verified. Next time if you forgot your password it account, you’d mobile number will be helpful to recover your password and user name

How To Create Gmail Account

Enter Personal Information

5- In the next step, it will ask for more details like recovery E-mail Address which is optional, and Date of Birth and Gender.

How To Create Gmail Account

Google Terms & Conditions

6- In the next step, Google will ask you to Review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then click on agree.

How To Create Gmail Account

7- After completing the above steps, your Gmail account will be created, and now you can use services.

Strong Password

Always use a strong password to make your Gmail account more secure.

Signing To Gmail Account

After creating your Gmail account, it is important to sign out your Gmail account especially when you are using a shared computer.

Signing To Gmail Account

How To Create Gmail Account

  1. Go
  2. Enter your user name or E-mail Address and then click on Signing Button, After that you will be signing to your Gmail account.

Sign Out

On the right Top corner of the Page there is a sign-out option, click on the round Icon and the sign-out option will appear. Keep in mind that always log out of your account because many google services are connected with your account and can be misused.

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